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Hello, I'm . My motto is to do everything in a heathy but budget conscious way.


Jean Morrison This is me - Jean

Say "goodbye" to fast food and overly processed food

You will find all sorts of ideas on my web site that will enable you and your family to live better and spend less. My passion is to help others rid themselves of fast food and many of the processed supermarket foods that are full of sugar, saturated fats and trans fatty acids. We all know those foods are likely to make us put on weight and they increase our cholesterol levels but how many people are aware that these "rubbish foods" are attacking our brain cells too? Indeed we are what we eat! So many products these days are made from questionable ingredients.


Make your home as chemical-free as possible

We already know the effects that some chemicals have on both our bodies and the environment but there are so many others out there that are silently working away creating yet to be discovered havoc.

For example, if you have lived in a home that was (or still is) routinely treated with pesticides indoors or in the yard, then you may have been exposed to nerve toxins and you and your family could be at greater risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

In order to protect the health of our families we need to question both the value of our diet and the chemicals we use in our immediate environment. On this website you will find ideas to help you live in a healthy way. The information here is purely a starting platform. Please start researching and learning and, in return, you must then teach others to be more aware.


Make your own natural cleaners, beauty products and health remedies

When we become aware of the dangers we are exposing ourselves to we soon find healthy ways to deal with issues. In most cases those newly learned, healthy habits cost us far less money than we were spending with our old lifestyle. Who wouldn't want to live better for less!

First - my inspiration: My Mum grew up in England in the war years so she knew what it was like to make-do and mend. In 1963 my Dad died. He was only 43 years of age when he died. Only a couple of weeks before his death he'd had an electric shock at work whilst welding. We never knew if that precipitated his death. Anyway, Mum had to deal not only with his death but somehow find an income for herself and us kids. There was no Widow's Pension in England back in the 1960's. Luckily we had a large house so Mum took in boarders and we survived on the money she earned from housing and feeding them. Her accommodation was regarded as excellent and was always sought after.

My lovely Mum Mum prior to dementia

Later on, Mum married a second time and shortly after that we migrated from England to Australia. My step father turned out to be a bit of a drunkard who wouldn't and couldn't hold down a job so, yet again, poor Mum had to struggle on a pittance. Mum was so resourceful. At that time we lived just north of Cairns. Late on Saturday mornings, just before the shops closed, Mum would race into the AL&S supermarket and buy up on the fresh goodies the supermarket wanted to dispose of before the shop was closed for the weekend. She would get them for a bargain price, hurry home with them and then spend Saturday afternoon walking around the neighbourhood selling the food for a few cents profit.

Mum was a dab hand at growing vegetables. Food scraps would be buried in trenches and later on down the track Mum would plant beans, peas and silver beet in those trenches. Poor as we were, we never went hungry. Mum raised us four kids on masses of love. The poor Darling didn't have much else to raise us on.

Make thrifty, healthy habits a way of life

Mum's healthy and thrifty habits became a way of life for us all. Consequently, we are forever grateful for that. Our kids are now young adults and Mum's thriftiness and green fingers are now appearing as traits in our own children. A wonderful legacy is now passing on to a new generation.

Mum died on 23rd August 2008. She had severe dementia. This web site is dedicated to my lovely Mum.


On a cheerier note, here is a lovely e-mail I received recently:

"Jean, Just a quick note to say a massive Thank You! Your recipes are so tasty, healthy and easy to follow. Being a young guy, I fell into the trap of convenience food. Since finding your website, I now spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up a nice healthy meal. (With plenty of leftovers for lunch!) From French Onion Soup to Lamb Rissoles with Eggplant, I can't fault any of your recipes. Your website is also a fitting tribute to your late Mum, who sounds like a very kind hearted generous lady. A very sincere Thank You".................. Cal Phillips, Jindabyne, NSW.